Certified Lashes is completely dedicated to helping you look your very best. Providing excellent eyelash extensions, tatto covering, airbrush and traditional makeup application.  Certified lashes forcuses on precision and perfection, by utilizing the most innovative techniques.  As a makeup artist she has worked with the most famous photographers,stylist, actor, actress and models.  With year of intensive professional make-up and eyelash extension training from different brands of professional repute and is still learning new things every day in her work. She puts her passion into the work of all her clients. (www.certifiedlashes.com)



At La Bonne Vie our clients mean everything to us. We focus all of our energy on the healing power of massage. We not only provide relaxation massage, but cater to clients with chronic neck,shoulder, and back pain. At the end of your La Bonne Vie Signature Session you will feel completely restored, renewed, and refreshed. (www.labonneviespaandboutique.com)



Luminous Skin, a place where silence and tranquility reign and your health, beauty, and comfort is my concern.  I have formulas that target your skin problem areas as they enhance the natural beauty already visible. 

I use Image Skincare which is a professional pharmaceutical products.  Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin.  To maintain and improve skin health, an effective, professional pharmaceutial skincare regemin is essential. (www.luminous-skin.skincaretherapy.net)


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