Client of La Bonne Vie

"Christina is a wonderful massage therapist.  She takes the time to listen and focuses in on your personal problem areas. I feel that she considers you as a person that has pain ands she really wants to help you the best that she can, she does not consider you as just another massage."


Margie W.

Client of La Bonne Vie

"I have been so blessed to have Christina as my massage therapist. I met her about 3 years ago through receipt of a gift certificate. She has a very pleasing personality, makes you feel comfortable and is very devoted to her profession. She listens to your concerns and pays attention to details to help relieve specific problems. Each week I can look forward to something different in my session. At the time we met I was and still am under a lot of stress with retaking care of an ill family member. I find that the massage therapy has tremendously helped my stress level. When I leave my session I am already looking forward to the next one. She is the best!!!!!"



Client of La Bonne Vie

"I have had many massages with many different massage therapists, however Christina Keller is by far the best I've ever had. Her energy and passion for what she does is eminently felt through her touch. Since I've experienced Christina's massage technique, I haven't been to any other massage therapist.  I love the way she customizes each treatment according to my needs that day. Beside her technique, her personality is A+. You always see how much she enjoys her job each time you pay her a visit."

Amanda Combel


Iisha B.

Client of Certified Lashes,LLC

"After spending extremely long and stressful hours at work.  I look forward to my monthly retreat session with Mrs. Veronica White.  Mrs. White is always professional and consistent with her skills.  I feel that every experiences with Mrs. White is priceless.  After my session, I'm relax and I look and feel better than before. Thanks Mrs. White for all that you do to keep me looking and feeling beautiful."

Juli H.

Client of Certified Lashes, LLC

"  I have been getting my lashes done for going on five years. I've tried probably a dozen different providers due to moving or the sort, and I have to say that Veronica is the best. Seriously.  The product itself is amazing: my  lashes look incredibe every day from the moment I wake up; I get compliments constantly and rarely does anyone guess that they aren't natural. But Veronica sets herself apart in her unique ability to make absolutely anyone feel at home. She's genuinely kind, friendly and cares for her clients.  Talk her up or  just snuggle under the warm covers for a quick nap and wake to gorgeous lashes. The extra effort and pride this woman takes in her work amazes me . Thank you so much!!"

Adona C.

Client of Certified Lashes, LLC

" I love Veronica White, MSPH! Definitely book your next appointment here! I have been coming to get my eyelash extensions for about a year and I can't say enough great things about this business.  Veronica is one if  not the most pleasant and professional business owners I've ever met.  She has a great knowledge for not only her products, but a vast knowledge for other tricks to enhance one's beauty. When I first came to her, I was longing to be more attractive and she not only gave me the eyelashes, she gave me a bettter outlook on my personal beauty.  I absolutely adore her and woud recommend every lady to come and try the Extreme products. You will not be disappointed"









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